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 Hey guys its Miles Markiewicz and Brad Thomas, co-hosts of The House Podcast. Listen to us talk about all of the great NCAA and Pro  bets that we like for the week, and the damn bets that totally burned  us. Stick around for our Underdogs of the Week and see who comes out on  top! If you love sports and you love betting go ALL-IN on The House  Podcast.  

Who is Brad Thomas?

What’s up House Heads!

Bradley Luvert Thomas here, feel free to call me Brad, B-rad or even Bswag. I am a big time sports lover who LOVES to talk. Safe to say that I am one of the most talkative people that I know. Calling me an extrovert is an understatement. People often tell me that I suffer from logorrhea, if you wish to see what I mean, follow me on Twitter. I say the craziest things. Being a sports fan started at a young age. I have played and currently still play the following sports; football, basketball, golf, wrestling, MMA, and volleyball. My love of sports and love of the casino led to my interest in sports betting. If I were to say one fun fact about myself, it would be… Hmm… I LOVE socks and have over 100 pair. With that being said I don’t own a pair of white socks… Oh yeah, I say the word SWAG a lot. 

Favorite Athlete of All Time: Tiger Woods

Favorite College Football Team: Alabama Crimson Tide

Favorite College Basketball Team: Alabama Crimson Tide and Duke (Let’s go Coach K)

Favorite NFL Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Favorite NHL Team: Pittsburgh Penguins

Favorite Baseball Team: Tampa Bay Rays and whoever is in first place

Favorite Golfer: Tiger Woods 

Favorite Soccer Team: Juventus

Twitter: www.twitter.com/mrbradthomas

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ohhbrad

Sports Instagram: www.instagram.com/sportyguyz

Snapchat: OhhBrad

Brad Thomas at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Brad Thomas at Bryant-Denny Stadium

Who is Miles Markiewicz?

Calling All Sports Fans


What is UP! My name is Miles Markiewicz and I have a deep passion for the sports world. I grew up in a family who LOVED going to the casino. As soon as I turned 21, I was in love. Blackjack and Craps are my favorite games, but sports betting is where the true action is! Ohio State Football is my first and only love in life. College football is a close second. I love debating different conferences, players and programs with my main man Bradley Thomas. One fun fact about myself… I moved from Orlando to Columbus so I could live out my dream graduating from THE Ohio State University. I’m an Ohio man living in the heart of paradise! Let’s talk sports. 

Favorite College Athlete of All Time: Ezekiel Elliot

Favorite Athlete of All Time: Tiger Woods

 Favorite College Football Team: Ohio State Buckeye Football

 Favorite College Basketball Team: Buckeye Basketball

 Favorite NFL Team: Cincinnati Bengals

 Favorite NHL Team: Columbus Blue Jackets

Favorite NBA Team: Orlando Magic

Favorite Baseball Team: Cincinnati Reds

 Favorite Golfer: Rickie Fowler

 Favorite Soccer Team: Orlando City/ Liverpool

Twitter: www.twitter.com/milesonsports

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